Environment Law

Environmental Law:

Protecting our environment should be the first and foremost duty of every citizen, especially with the increasing harm that is being caused to our environment with every passing day.

The constitution of India states ‘it is the duty of the State to protect and improve the environment and to safeguard the forests and wildlife of the country’. It is the duty of every citizen of India and is stated in the Directive Principles mentioned in our Constitution too, to safeguard the environment that includes wildlife, forest, lakes, rivers, trees etc.

For the same purpose Ministry of Environment and Forest was established in the year 1985 in India.

The requirements on Environment mentioned in our constitution are backed by many laws, rules, acts etc. the first and foremost is the Environment Protection Act 1986, this act was promulgated post the Bhopal Gas Leak Tragedy. Post this there were more acts, legislative bodies to fairly deal with this issue.

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