Keeping advertisement world safe and genuine

Keeping advertisement world safe and genuine


No wonder that advertisements reach to new clients for improving sales. This industry has flourished with a rapid speed in this modern time as everyone depends more or less on it. It is the best way to spread the word about business, product or services. Advertisement ways are TV ads, Flyers, Newspaper advertisements, Radio Adverts, promotional, participative events and a lot more.

Everything has two opposite shades and so does the advertisement industry. Its negative shade is “Fraudulent case” in which companies cheat customers via fake knowledge and information and mislead them.

Where can you get cheated?

  1. Property cases-Real estate is at boom in India and so is the advertisement about it.  Every now and then, one may come across builders and owners advertisements on radios, TVs, newspapers. They promise people about best featured houses and flats. It can be easy to get flattered with shiny advertisement, but one must speculate well.
  2. Electronics- Customers must be well aware about all the features of the products. Every minute detail must be disclosed; about it quality, use, instructions, service, warranty and guarantee, standard and other nitty-gritty. Every person has a right under Consumer Protection Act, 1986 to be safe from various hazardous effects of electronics.
  3. Edible things- Food that everyone consumes must be safe and healthy. There must not at all be fake information.  Mentioning expiry date along with the date of manufacturing is mandatory on all edible and perishable food products.

A safe bet for businesses: Do not get copied by misleading ventures

Registering your trademark- Have you noticed “Make in India” initiative’s trademark? Yes, it’s a lion with insides of iron machinery parts. It’s a trademark. Anyone using it in any kind of promotional and advertisement will be fined.  Companies do follow trend of trademarks; can own name, symbols, marks or whatever they want to in their name to prevent advertisement frauds. We have many government acts for fraudulent cases with allotted punishment and fine.

Know Consumer Protection Act; Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

There are several ways to keep away fraudulent advertisements in India so that you do not get carried away by anything wrong or fake.

  • Consumer Protection Act, 1986 takes care of many mentioned things. This act came up with a NGO called ASCI or Advertising Standards Council of India in 1985 which took Advertising companies, media Advertisers into participation. This was set up to improve trust and efficiency of advertising industry.  The main objective was to keep everything crystal clear and honest for every customer. They made sure that no customer feels cheated.
  • Food Safety and Standards Act which was formed in 2006 was to make sure there are absolutely no fraudulent advertisements in India when it comes to food industry. This act involves all food and health ministries. The Act designed many clear instructions and policies about food from every point of view like its making, storage, handling, distribution and detailed information. This makes sure healthy and safe consumable food to all.
  • The other Acts like Sales of Goods Act, The Pharmacy Act, Drugs and Cosmetic Act etc are made to ensure safe keeping.


The Union Government of India has formulated a range of Rights for the consumers, but these come with responsibilities as well. It is vital that a consumer becomes aware of his rights as well as duties. The awareness advertising campaign by the Government in this regard is called “Jago Grahak Jago.”


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