About Us

In our day to day lives, we come across situations wherein we need basic legal information but struggle to find cost-effective legal consultation or come across situations wherein we are constrained to work but are not satisfied with our jobs and struggle to find the perfect fit. This is where Legal Nexus steps in and goes on to connect you with the right professional, as and when required or to help you find the right job that would suit your requirements. Legal Nexus, promoted by Expert Juridique Private Limited, is a new-fangled legal consultancy & talent management company formed by a group of young dynamic experienced lawyers who have worked with top tier law firms and esteemed organizations prior to incorporation of Legal Nexus.

Legal Nexus is a multifaceted interactive online platform that will help you to:

  • be abreast with day to day developments in the field of law;
  • find legal information without any hassle, free of cost;
  • obtain solutions to legal queries;
  • connect with eminent lawyers and law firms across India and overseas; and
  • find the right job that would suit your requirements.

Ask questions, post your replies, provide your feedback/suggestions, post updates, read and stay abreast about the latest happenings in the field of law.

We are here to cater to all your legal requirements in a time bound and cost effective manner in a simple click.

Our Mission:

With legal requirements growing by the day, newer laws coming into force, dearth of good jobs in the market and not much access thereof to layman, we are on a mission to provide quality legal services in a time bound and cost effective manner, to enable users to find jobs that suit their individual requirements and to make the overall legal experience hassle free for every citizen. Our goal is to educate each and every person in need of legal assistance about their rights, options and choices as ignorance of law is no excuse and to ensure that every deserving candidate finds a suitable job notwithstanding his/her financial background, caste & creed. We aim to not only limit our services to plush metros but to also extend them to far away remote areas wherein obtaining legal guidance/ finding suitable legal jobs is a distant dream for most people.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to make Legal Nexus a one-stop legal search engine that will encompass within its head legal solutions to all facets of law as well as specialize in legal recruitments.

Why do you need Legal Nexus:

In today’s day and age where there are numerous law firms and lawyers across all cities, one is left perplexed in terms of which expert to engage to address ones legal queries. We help you in resolving this perplexity by understanding your requirement and consequently connecting you to eminent lawyers to suit your needs and help you get practical legal advice.

More often than not, we are constrained to work but are unhappy with our jobs for it doesn’t meet our expectations. We at Legal Nexus believe that there is a suitable opportunity for every candidate which needs to be tapped. This is where we step in to understand your needs, analyse your specialities, provide guidance wherever necessary, prepare you for an interview and help you find a job that suits your candidature as a litigant, a law firm retainer or an in house counsel, as the case may be.

How does it work:

A. Consultation

Getting a consultation from the best suited lawyer is a cakewalk with the help of Legal Nexus. Our first advice to you is Pro Bono i.e.  without any legal fee.  Further to that you can share your issue over an e mail or a phone-call and we can schedule a consultation session for you as per your convenience with an eminent lawyer that would suit your requirement.

Step 1: fill up the form available on our website;

Step 2: We shall scrutinize your form to understand your requirement;

Step 3: Basis your requirement, an expert from our team shall connect with you to address your query;

B. Recruitment

Whether you are looking for a permanent, contractual or a temporary position with eminent employers, we are here to help you.

Step 1: fill up the form available on our website containing your profile and upload your resume or email our consultant;

Step 2: we will scrutinize your profile against active searches for our clients;

Step 3: we will contact you should your profile qualify for an active search.

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